Monday, April 16, 2007

Hello & Goodbye

We sing to the dogs at my house. Well, at least I do. Mostly silly songs that I make up as I go along, about how cute they are, or how much I love them. I sing mindless little melodies and lyrics about their tails or gum-drop noses. The dogs seem to love it; they follow me around when I’m singing, and they listen intently if I throw their name in once in awhile.

My daughter Jolie has been here for the past five days. I was getting ready to take her to the airport today, and I could overhear her in my bedroom. She was sitting on the floor packing her suitcase and singing to the dogs. It was a little song about how she loved them, but had to go away for awhile. They watched and listened. I loved the song, but I couldn’t watch her pack.

The drive to the airport was pretty quiet. I couldn’t help but think about how different the drive was Wednesday night when I was on my way to pick her up. I guess that’s life. Two ends of the spectrum, joy and sorrow; hello and good bye.

I am so grateful to be a sober mom. That is small sentence, but expresses gratitude for years of joy that I would have missed if I had not been graced by God’s love and the principles of this program.

I said good bye to Jolie, called my sponsor and my husband and spent a quiet evening under a quilt feeling sorry for myself. But tomorrow is another day, so I’ll suit up and show up. After all I heard her singing to the dogs and she said it was only for a little while.