Saturday, August 19, 2006

All of my life I have been learning valuable lessons from dogs. I grew up in a large family, lots of kids and dogs. I think my parents had dogs to help them with the kids. Parenting a herd of kids is no easy task. We ran like a pack. The dog kept us out of the street, clear of the neighbor’s pool and snarled away many a stranger. They licked our wounds and tears, ran and played until we were exhausted, and then demonstrated how to go to bed without an argument. I learned about loyalty, fearlessness, not to pull tails, and where babies come from. I also learned about grief and letting go as our family pets aged and eventually died. These were all good life lessons. I’m grateful to the dogs of my childhood.

I still have dogs. My husband and I currently have three that we have rescued from shelters. Bob, Charlie, and Lucy. We say we have rescued them, but many days they rescue us. They know the sound of our cars coming down the street. When I open my front door after a long day I am greeted with love and enthusiastic affection by three amazing spirits. They leap in the air and shout for joy. They race in circles and bring me a toy to share. Then they settle down, look into my eyes and check on my spirit and the condition of my soul. Whatever it is I may need, they are here to serve. They know me better than I know myself . They know how to care for me without being asked. We laugh and play. We cuddle. Sometimes we cry. We walk and run, sometimes we sleep the day away.

Each of us who consider ourselves spiritual beings have at one time or another spent time contemplating our own definition of a Higher Power. At the beginning of my spiritual path this process did not come easily. A friend suggested that I may want to think about the GOD - DOG connection. I considered all of the unconditional love that I have been blessed with by these amazing little messengers from above. I was then able to understand my God. He is loving and fearless, gentle and forgiving. He wants only joy and delight for my spirit and cares only that the condition of my soul is peaceful.

So I have learned another lesson from my dogs. Now it is my turn. Whatever it is HE may need I am here to serve.