Monday, December 01, 2008

Keep A Light In Your Window

These are such troubling times. Economic and environmental hardships seem to have everyone on edge. The holiday season has just started and already the media has warped its meaning with terms like “Black Friday”. How do we slide from gratitude and thanksgiving one day into consumerism and trampling each other outside of Wal-Mart in 24 hours?

I’m thinking of a lyric from an old Woody Guthrie song written during the great depression:

There's a long black cloud a hanging in the sky Honey;

Weathers gonna break and hells gonna fly

Is that what’s about to happen? Is Hell gonna fly? Some days it feels like it. Now more than ever I need to “practice these principles in all of my affairs.”

You would think this is not such a tall order after a number of years of sobriety. And in fact, I do have many of them incorporated into my daily life. By the grace of God and the guidance of my fellowship I have managed to put one foot in front of the other for a number of years now. I have learned a lot about honesty, integrity, justice, perseverance, hope and humility.

But there is one principle that is a continual challenge. And that is the principle of unwavering faith.

It is the foundation of this spiritual program that if we ask, our Higher Power will care for us. Simple as that. And yet this is the one that eludes me, ironically just when I need it the most. And what is even more ironic is that this principle is one we don’t even need to work for. This one is a gift ….all we have to do is ask. It’s called Grace, in the Big Book its called Providence. So I'm asking. And I'll ask tomorrow and the next day and the next...............

These are troubling times. Maybe all we can do is practice the principles, hold on tightly to one another, and keep a light in the window for those less fortunate than we are.

Page 347 NA Basic Text
"I will seek to improve my conscious contact with the Higher Power that cares for me. When the need arises, I know I will be able to trust in that care. "
Our program is based on the idea that the application of simple principles can produce profound effects in our lives. One such principle is that, if we ask, our Higher Power will care for us. Because this principle is so basic, we may tend to ignore it. Unless we learn to consciously apply this spiritual truth, we may miss out on something as essential to our recovery as breathing is to life itself. What happens when we find ourselves stressed or panicked? If we have consistently sought to improve our relationship with our Higher Power, we'll have no problem. Rather than acting rashly, we will stop for a moment and briefly remind ourselves of particular instances in the past when our Higher Power has shown its care for us. This will assure us that our Higher Power is still in charge of our lives. Then, we will seek guidance and power for the situation at hand and proceed calmly, confident that our lives are in God's hands. "Our program is a set of principles;' our White Booklet tells us. The more consistently we seek to improve our conscious appreciation of these principles, the more readily we will be able to apply them.
Just for Today: We believe that our Higher Power will take care of us.